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Adriel Liwag

Adriel is a dedicated husband of 21 years, father of 3 and a full-time independent Consultant and residential developer from Los Angeles with local and out of state experience. His allegiance lies between building long lasting relationships and bringing as much value as he can to those he builds relationships with.

While Adriel worked different careers, he always felt a pull towards real estate, particularly architecture and design. With a creative passion for cars and houses, he has since then developed several residential properties creating more homes for families out of distressed homes. In his 8 years of developing homes and working with several homeowners who sold him their homes, Adriel has realized that there is a major gap in the Real Estate industry amongst unique homeowners who want to sell and traditional Real Estate agents and Investors. That gap is the ability to actually listen to a Homeowner’s needs to sell and to be able to create win-win situations for both Seller and Buyer.

Adriel is inspired to help homeowners to achieve their dreams and goals through education, action and collaboration. Outside of real estate, Adriel still enjoys restoring and personalizing cars and reading self-development books to support his continued self-growth and sharpening his mindset. As an essential leader, he is devoted to making sure a person gains self-fulfillment and knowledge when it comes to achieving their dreams.

Alvin Uy

Alvin Uy is an accomplished entrepreneur hailing from Los Angeles. He has faced his share of challenges, having been born to first-generation immigrant parents and dropping out of college. However, Alvin’s unwavering spirit, love for design and innovation, and determination to succeed have helped him turn adversity into opportunity.

Alvin’s approach to problem-solving is both creative and analytical, which has resulted in the creation of multiple successful businesses. Despite his achievements, Alvin remains grounded and focused on his true passion: real estate. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, he has honed his skills in value-add investments, property management, construction, rehabbing distressed homes, fix and flip, and creative financing. He has built an impressive multi-family portfolio across multiple states and is committed to addressing the housing crisis in Southern California.

As a family man and friend, Alvin is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. His humble beginnings have inspired him to give back and help others achieve their full potential. He aims to extend his parents’ legacy and empower those around him to exceed their own expectations.

Robert Chuang

Robert Chuang was born and raised in Taiwan, and moved to Arcadia, California, at the age of 13. His strong interest in real estate and construction began shortly thereafter. He started his real estate fixer-upper business in 2011 when he purchased his first foreclosure property to renovate and sell. He realized that real estate was the business for him and went on to obtain his license in 2012. His passion to design and build things ultimately led him to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in construction engineering from the California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 2014.

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